Wood Shop – Fence Factory Inc.

Our custom work shop was established 30 years age in response to the need for better quality fencing in Fairfield County. Back then, as it is today, most fencing was mass produced in large factories outside of this area with no quality control. It was made with only one goal in mind: low cost. The Fence Factory decided it was time to build fences the right way.

The first step in producing a superior fence is to start with better cedar boards and posts. We are partnered with a family run saw mill in vermont that had a focus on quality. They saw and plane our lumber to our demanding specification. The lumber is stacked with spacers in-between and then allowed to air dry for months. This process allows the wood to dry slowly.

The lumber is assembled in our 3000 square foot wood shop with all the necessary machinery. The craftsmen who build our fences have backgrounds in cabinetry and carpentry. They bring with them a wealth of experience, keen eye for beauty and high standards. We assemble our fence panels with the best quality hardware including stainless steel nails and epoxy coated screws. We build out fences with 2″ x 4″ back rails ( not 2″ x 3″ and 1″ x 4″ like our competitors), Boards are always double nailed to the back rails.

Our fences are constructed to be attached to posts using two superior attachment techniques. The “Mortise and Tennon” technique. The posts are mortised with 2″ x 4″ holes which corrispond with the 2″ x 4 ” back rails on the sections. The sections are inserted into the posts during the installation. The sccond attachment technique use and “End Cleat” system. We build our fence sections with a vertical end cleat which allow the sections to be attached with screws that enter the posts at 90 degrees for supperior strength.

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