1. Selecting a Fence

    You must determine the purpose for the fence. Is it for security or decoration? Is privacy a factor or pool code compliance? Is low maintained a great concern. What height is needed so the fence accomplishes its intended purpose. Our Sales professional will help you determine what fence is wright for you.

  2. How Much is Needed

    You must determine the total footage of the fencing needed. From the footage we can figure out how many sections, gates and posts are needed

  3. Preparing the Site

    The first step is confirming the property line so that the fence will be installed in the right location. Next you need to locate all underground utilities by call a “Call Before You Dig” utility marking service. Research your local zoning code because many towns and neighborhoods have restriction on fencing.

  4. Installing the Fence

    First you plan for where the fence is going to be installed by installing string lines. Next holes are dug in the correct location and to the correct depth. Then the actual fencing material is installed in the ground (more detail can be found in “Installation Guides“).

  5. Enjoy

    Enjoy your new and beautiful fence and the savings from your “Do-It-Yourself” project.

Let’s Get Started!